On The Water We Love

On The Water We Love

August 5 - September 1

A journey of discovery and recognition of life-giving water along the Collingwood shoreline, exploring water-based themes of ecosystems, industry, recreation, access, safety, and conservation. The event will feature Sidelaunch Days activities including tall ship tours, SUP races, and Amphitheatre concerts August 5th-7th, as well as workshops and family activities related to World Water Week August 23rd – September 1st.

Sidelaunch Days

August 12

Jamie Clarke Duo  
Pete Eastmure  
Melissa Dawne & Roy  
Sydney Riley


August 19

Jamie Ciotka Duo  
Emma May Beckett  
Matthew & Richard Jazz Duo  
Mary Crozier


August 26

Chuck & Ella Baker  
Kat Steeves  
Dale & Eric Duo  
Megan Anne Duo

Friday Evenings

6:30 - 8:30 P.M.

Spend a relaxing Friday evening strolling Collingwood’s picturesque Promenade, taking in live musical performances against the backdrop of gorgeous Georgian Bay. Challenge a friend, neighbour, or a fellow ‘stroller’ to a game of Corn Hole, Dominos, or Connect-4 along the way. Stop at one of the vendor booths to learn more about water protection and conservation.


Rainy Days

August 8 - September 1

Description: On a rainy day don’t shy away from the Promenade. Grab your umbrella and look for messages and art on the sidewalk that only appear when it's wet! Environmentally-safe and for engaging for all ages.