Temporary Patios and Retail Displays

NEW: Temporary Downtown Commercial Patio and Retail Display Program

Do you own a business located in the Downtown looking to install a patio or display your merchandise on the sidewalk? 

The Town of Collingwood recently passed an updated Boulevard Encroachment Permit By-law that provides opportunity to businesses in the Downtown to install a patio on the sidewalk and/or on-street parking area and for retail businesses to display their merchandise on the sidewalk if a permit is obtained from the municipality. All permit holders are placed on a registry available below. 

How do I obtain a permit?

Complete the required application form by clicking the button provided below.

Patio & Retail Display Application

What you need to know before submitting your application form.

Please ensure that you review the following resources prior to applying for a patio or retail display permit. 

NEW Annual Licensing Fees
*all applicable licensing fees will be invoiced upon approval of your application

Retail Merchandise Display - Annual License $80
Sidewalk Cafe - Annual License $80
Sidewalk Patio - Annual License $150
On-street Patio - Annual License $350

Do you own a business in Collingwood looking to add or temporarily expand your patio on private property? 

As of January 1, 2023, licensed patios require municipal approval to expand temporarily. Previously a municipal statement of non-objections was required by the AGCO. A team has been set up to review requests for extensions of patios on private property. This process involves the review of public safety, access, location, and other site-related matters. 

Who can apply?

The owner or employee of a restaurant or bar can apply to temporarily extend their patio area on private property for a maximum of 8 months per year. Patio extensions are typically considered between April 1 and October 31 each year. 

Private Property Patio Application 

What do I need to apply?

1.    A completed Private Property Application Form 

2.    Written confirmation and authorization from the owner of the property (if different from the applicant).

3.    A legible sketch/site plan/aerial photo of the proposed temporary patio (sketch details can be found in the Temporary Patio Guidelines).

4.    The number and location of any parking spaces, as well as an indication if any loading/delivery/parking spaces are to be removed to facilitate the expansion or creation of a temporary outdoor patio. Note: accessible parking spaces shall not be temporarily removed.

5.    A completed Temporary Patio Undertaking Form.

6.    Any other documentation and supporting materials required to support the temporary patio application.

Please ensure that you review the following resources prior to applying for a patio or retail display permit.