Proposed Major Developments

The purpose of this product is to provide enhanced public access to materials associated with the more significant development proposals in the Town of Collingwood.  Click on the markers on the map for additional information or alternatively, use the List View to access the proposals in a tabular format.  A more complete static map of proposed developments updated annually is available here Development Activity Map (2021).   Please note that while best efforts are made to keep these products as up-to-date and as accurate as possible, they do not represent a comprehensive depiction of all active development applications in the Town of Collingwood, nor do they include all publicly available documents associated with each of the proposed developments that are shown/listed.  In particular, older legacy or smaller scale proposals may not be displayed, and information may be limited on applications under appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal. 

Please contact the Planning Services Division for more information on proposed developments in your area at or call 705-445-1290

The Town of Collingwood assumes no liability for negligence, inaccuracies, or omissions.




D084121 Proposed Amendment to the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law for F.S. Shipyards
File Number:D084121 Shipyards Special Policy Area
Project:F. S Shipyards - PLAN 51M926 BLK 6 AKA - Collingwood Quay
5 Silver Creek Drive: Huntingwood Trails Residential Community, West Lands, (Scroll Past Map for Additional Details) Under Appeal to Ontario Land Tribunal D14211 and D120111
File Number:D14211 and D120111
Project:5 Silver Creek Drive: Huntingwood Trails Residential Community West Lands D14211 and D120111