The Town’s Public Art Program is administered by the Parks Recreation and Culture department and aims to enrich the lives of Collingwood residents and visitors by enhancing public spaces, fostering cultural identity and pride, promoting creativity, and encouraging dialogue among citizens. 

Current Call to Artists Opportunities: 

Collingwood Recreational Facility Entryway Project

The Town of Collingwood is seeking artists or artist teams to design artwork that will be converted into a temporary/short term mural installation in the entryways of Collingwood’s Centennial Aquatic Centre at 451 Third Street, and Central Park Arena at 85 Paterson Street, Collingwood.

This goal of the artwork is to capture attention and to inspire and engage the community. We are looking for positive and optimistic work that uses a vibrant colour palette. Use of text is permitted but profanity is not. It should not include advertising, branded tags, or promotion of contempt against anyone.
For the purposes of this project, we ask that high resolution images of proposed artwork be submitted as the “murals” will be printed on material capable of being installed to fit the specific dimensions of the entryway wall spaces.

The artwork can be a newly created piece or an existing work. The piece submitted must be completely original work made by the applicant, and in the case of existing works, something that has not been previously used for any other public exhibition, installation or mural project. Each artist or artist team may submit a maximum of three (3) images per entry.

The artist(s)/artist team will be paid a fee of $500.00 per selected image, payable following the selection process.
Deadline for submissions is Monday, February 13th at 4:00pm.

The artist(s) will be selected through a one-stage process by a Selection Committee comprised of one Town Staff member and three members of the community. Applications will be evaluated based on but not limited to artistic merit, relationship to the site and originality

Multiple artists may be chosen for this project, subject to the decision of the selection committee.
The Town reserves the right to reject any or all applications or to accept any application if in the best interest of the Town. In the event that no submissions resulting from this call are judged to meet the project criteria, the Town may re-issue the call or engage an artist for the opportunity.

All artist submissions and inquiries regarding this project may be directed to Amanda Henry, at or 705-441-6088.

Recreation Facility Entryway Image #1

Facility Entryway 1









Recreation Facility Entryway Image #2

Facility Entryway #2









Call to Artists Application Form

Call to Artists Details 


Collingwood’s newest public art installation, Dare to Dream, by artist W.W. Hung has landed in Tremont Square!

This dynamic installation features the cast of a hand-sculpted rhinoceros perched on top of a seven and a half foot tall, stainless-steel arc.  The rhinoceros, a symbol representing the LGBTQ2S+ community first used in 1974, is poised on its hind legs as if about to take flight with the help of eight painted aluminum balloons attached to its back.  The bowed shape of the stainless-steel arc underneath the cast rhino suggests the curve of a rainbow while the balloons “lifting” up the rhinoceros are brightly adorned in the colours of the original rainbow Pride flag from 1978.

Dare to Dream is meant to captivate viewers and encourage exploration and conversation.  With its uniqueness and whimsicality, this artwork invites all who see it to engage in discussions about belonging, being oneself and making space for everyone in our community to do the same.

Commissioned by the Town of Collingwood to represent and celebrate the LGBTQ2S+ community, this public art piece will be officially introduced at a dedication ceremony Thursday, December 8th, 2022, 5:30pm to 6:30pm.  All are welcome.