Rapid Accessory Dwelling Unit Deployment Program (ADU)

Rapid Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Deployment Program

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a great way for individual homeowners to help address the housing crisis by increasing the supply of year-round rental housing while earning rental income.

We're thrilled to launch the Rapid ADU Deployment Program and thank you for your interest in this neighbours-helping-neighbours approach to addressing the affordable housing crisis!

ADUs are ideal for empty nesters, seniors, new homeowners and anyone who is “over-housed” with extra space that they aren’t using. Adding an ADU can take effort and investment, but the Town is taking steps to simplify the process and connect you to resources that can help.  

What is an ADU?
Accessory Dwelling Units are smaller living units that can be within the main dwelling (such as a basement apartment) or detached from a home (such as a dwelling above a garage or a fully separate space like a coach house).  

Rapid ADU Deployment Program
The Town of Collingwood’s Affordable Housing Task Force recommended that increasing the supply of ADUs would be the fastest way to deliver more rental housing units to help address the affordable housing crisis. The Town of Collingwood is dovetailing the Rapid ADU Deployment Program with recent provincial legislative changes through Bill 23: The More Homes Built Faster Act that seek to remove barriers and create more ADUs in Collingwood and across the Province. 

The program includes four key elements:

  1. One-Window Service  
  2. Pre-Approved Designs
  3. Financial Incentives 
  4. Landlord Support
    Resources coming soon! 

What type of ADUs are allowed on residential lots in Collingwood?
Bill 23 has made updates to allow for more ADUs on fully municipally serviced (i.e. Town water and wastewater) lots where primary residential unses are permitted. Here are some of the highlights, noting that ADUs are also permitted in other areas of Town, subject to zoning permissions:

ADUs are allowed on a residential lot with a single detached home, a semi-detached home or a townhouse.

Fully serviced residential lots may have up to three dwelling units in any of these combinations:

  • Main dwelling + 1 ADU within main dwelling (total of 2 units)
  • Main dwelling + 2 ADUs within main dwelling (total of 3 units)
  • Main dwelling + 1 ADU in a detached accessory building (total of 2 units)
  • Main dwelling + 1 ADU within main dwelling + 1 ADU in a detached accessory building (total of 3 units)

Note that the Town of Collingwood Zoning By-Law still applies, potentially with modifications. See below for details.

ADU Zoning By-Law Requirements for Fully Serviced Residential Lots*
The changes made by Bill 23 supersede some of the Town of Collingwood’s existing official plan policies and zoning by-law provisions for fully serviced residential lots, while others are still in place. In this snapshot excerpt of the Town of Collingwood’s Zoning By-Law related to accessory dwelling units, the provisions that are no longer applicable due to Bill 23 have been greyed out. The following sections show the Zoning By-law provisions still apply to ADUs on fully serviced lots. These Zoning By-Law excerpts, and explanatory notes are provided for illustrative purposes and do not represent zoning compliance commentary. You are encouraged to reach out to ADU@collingwood.ca to discuss your property and plans. Expand each heading to learn more. 
*Note: All zoning provisions continue to apply to lots that do not meet the definition of fully serviced residential parcels.