Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan cover page

Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan (2020-2023)
The Community Based Strategic Plan was approved by Council on June 15, 2020.

Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan (2015)
The Community Based Strategic Plan was approved by Council on September 21, 2015.

Parks, Recreation, & Culture Master Plan (2019)
The Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan identifies needs and priorities for the Town of Collingwood to the year 2028. This is a framework for well-being.

Waterfront Master Plan (2016)
The Waterfront Master Plan provides a long-term, comprehensive plan for the Town of Collingwood’s waterfront, focusing on the area from Hen and Chickens Island to Sunset Point Park, where the majority of public spaces and mixed-use activity is located.

Active Transportation Framework (2017)
This framework looks towards expanding and enhancing the active transportation network; helping and encouraging more people to use active transportation; building community engagement and support for active transportation; and, improving the layout and design of the community to be more supportive of active transportation and pedestrians in general.

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan (2019-2024)
The Town of Collingwood has met the challenges of monitoring and reporting of its energy consumption, as required by Ontario Regulation 507/18, and is driven to improve the energy efficiency of our operations due to rising energy costs, energy security, and environmental concerns.

Official Plan
The Official Plan establishes goals, objectives, land use, transportation, servicing and community improvement policies to direct the physical growth of the Town of Collingwood, within a context of relevant social, economic and environmental constraints, in order to obtain the most desirable living environment for present and future residents, and those citizens from the surrounding area who are utilizing the regional facilities within the Town.

  • Learn more about the Official Plan Update that began in 2019. Have your say on Engage Collingwood!

Fire Protection Services Master Plan (2017)
To ensure that the Town is meeting the needs of the community and its staff, the Fire Chief recognizes the necessity to update and maintain a Fire Services Master Plan (FMP) for the purposes of providing high-quality fire services to the residents of the Town and its visitors. This Plan allows for prudent operating and capital budget forecasting, and assists neighbouring municipalities through the provision of Automatic Aid and Fire Service Agreements.

Urban Forest Management Plan
The Town of Collingwood values the urban forest and its contribution to the liveability of our community. In addition to the environmental, social, aesthetic and economic benefits of the urban forest, the Town recognizes the importance trees have on health, quality of life, tourism, recreation, and green infrastructure. The Town is committed to sustainable management of the urban forest as well as supporting community action and stewardship to maintain, renew, and enhance this natural resource for future generations.

Cycling Plan (2019)
The Town of Collingwood Cycling Plan provides a long-term vision, strategy and implementation plan to develop, strengthen and support a cycling culture in Collingwood. The plan identifies policies, programs and facilities needed to help make cycling an attractive everyday mobility option for residents ranging from 8 to 80 years old with a wide range of abilities. Existing and potential cycling tourism opportunities in Collingwood and surrounding areas are also explored.

Collingwood Museum Strategic Plan (2020-2024)
The Collingwood Museum Strategic Plan is a guiding document for the Museum to achieve its mission to be a relevant and engaging resource of Collingwood’s heritage and collective memory.

Economic Development Action Plan (2020-2025)
The Economic Development Action Plan is intended to help guide Collingwood’s economic development activities and priorities for five year periods, with a focus on those action items over which the Town of Collingwood has direct control.

South Georgian Bay and Springwater Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (2021-2025)
The Community Safety and Well-Being Plan presents a sustainable community where everyone is safe, has a sense of belonging, opportunities to participate, and where individuals and families are able to meet their needs for education, health care, food, housing, income, and social and cultural expression.

Strategic Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (2020-2025)

The Town’s Strategic Multi-Year Accessibility Plan was developed by the AAC in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #11. It is intended to guide the Town of Collingwood in achieving its vision of providing all people with consistent opportunity and access to Town goods, services and facilities. 

Master Servicing Study 

The Master Servicing Plan for Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems is ussed to identify water and sanitary servicing projects that will be required to accommodate growth over the planning horizon, including residential and employment growth. 

Master Transportation Study 

A multitude of developments varying in size and complexity are proposed in the Town of Collingwood (Town) over the next few decades. The study estimates the total traffic volumes to be generated by the proposed developments and the corresponding impacts on the Town’s road network over the medium-term (2031) and long-term (2041). A total of 20 primary intersections in the Town were assessed.

Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District Plan

Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District Plan 2008 is the successor to Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan 2002.

Transit Service Review 

Collingwood Transit Service Review was completed in 2021.

Asset Management Plan (2014 - update in-progress)