Grants & Bursaries

PRC Grants & Bursaries

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department offers the following financial assistance programs and bursaries. 

In-Kind Facility Grant Program

The Town of Collingwood offers in-kind (non cash) facility grants to groups and organizations providing a specific event to the general public, intended for the common good of Collingwood residents. Requests for support can be submitted at any time throughout the year however, once the upper dollar limit for in-kind requests has been reached, no further support will be available.

2019 In-kind Facility Grant Form (fillable PDF)

Stay tuned for more information on the 2020 In-kind Facility Grant Application and process!

Community Recreation & Culture Grant Program 

Community Recreation & Culture Grant (CRCG) funds are available to not-for-profit, charitable or volunteer-based organizations, groups, events or programs that are active in Collingwood. The CRCG Program is based on the mandate for the Parks, Recreation and Culture (PRC) Department: To enhance quality of life and promote healthy living in Collingwood, by providing access to recreational, cultural and active living opportunities. 

The CRCG Program prioritizes support for:

  • Youth participation and engagement in recreation and the arts
  • The reduction or elimination of financial barriers for participation in recreation, sport or arts activities
  • (For special event applicants) initiatives that take place at The Shipyards Ampitheatre.

The CRCG Program will consider funding new projects or initiatives, ongoing or returning initiatives that foster community engagement, or programs of established organizations that have a demonstrated history and capacity to achieve the PRC mandate.

Application Process

 Stay tuned for more information on the 2020 CRCG Application and process!  

Grant Review Teams

A Grant Review Team comprised of volunteer community members and staff evaluate each community grant submission. Volunteer GRT members have recreation and community experiences, energy and a commitment to promoting healthy living and enhancing the quality of life in Collingwood.

PRC Bursary Programs

2008 Ontario Paralympic Winter Championship Legacy Grant

In alignment with ParaSport Ontario, this program shall follow and foster the goals of the 2008 Ontario Paralympic Winter Championships which were held in Collingwood and area February 15 – 18, 2008.  In particular, this grant shall strive to:

  • increase opportunities for the development of athletes with a disability to pursue competitive goals and achieve their personal potential
  • develop, promote and enhance amateur sport at the community level

Surplus funds are not to be used for the general purposes or operating costs of any municipality.