Application for Pre-consultation with Planning Services

We require  electronic files of the full submittal (please do not supply CD's or flash drives) Please contact us for a share file link if you require one.  We are now holding our Team Development Meeings via MicroSoft Teams.  

The following links are the development standards for the Town of Collingwood and must be consulted prior to submitting an application.   Here is a link to the pertinent documents.   

Note: Our flat fee is non-refundable and payable upon submission of the application. The above application fees have been adopted and approved by the Council of the Town of Collingwood.

Upon receipt of your proposal, Staff will review and get back to you with confirmation of a targeted meeting date or request more information as may be necessary.  Pre-consultation meetings occur approximately every three weeks.

We will attempt to schedule your item within the next 2 scheduled pre-consultation meetings and or seek additional information from you on your proposal.

Please be aware that due to the Covid 19 pandemic, pre-consultation meetings are held by MicroSoft Teams or teleconference.

Pre-consultation applications need to be re-applied for if they are older than 6 months, in the event of property ownership change, in the event of a revised or different proposal, in the event of legislative change, or in any other case where so warranted by the Director of Planning and Building Services or the update requirement waived by the Director of Planning and Building Services.

Town Staff may provide comments in advance of a preconsultation meeting depending on the nature of a project proposal.  The comments associated with the pre-consultation application are intended to support related discussion in a formal meeting.  Any pre-consultation notes provided are preliminary only, intended for discussion and do not constitute final pre-consultation notes until the applicant has received a finalized application checklist from Town staff including any revisions or corrections to these comments and any relevant meeting details as may be provided. 

Consult these links to determine if your property falls with the jurisdiction of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) or the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority (GSCA) additional fees and approvals may be necessary. It would be prudent to contact them in conjunction with this application. The Corporation of the County of Simcoe applies additional fees to planning applications. Contact the County directly at 1-705-726-9300 for information related to their respective fee submission(s) and application(s).

Comments The comments above are made to the best of our knowledge using all of the information and resources available at the posting time. The information contained herein is believed to be correct, however, the Town assumes no liability for negligence, inaccuracies or omissions. Please contact Planning Services at 705-445-1290. You are welcome to make a personal examination of the applicable information at Planning Services located at 55 Ste. Marie Street, Unit 302, Collingwood, Ontario. We are situated in the Municipal Offices on the 3rd floor of Collingwood Public Library.

Planning Act Individuals who make written submissions with respect to a Planning Act application should be aware that their submission and any personal information in their correspondence will become part of the public record and made available to the Applicant, Committee and Council.