Engineering Services

Town of Collingwood Engineering Services is part of the Public Works, Engineering, and Environmental Services department, and is responsible for the transit system, traffic control, as well as administering of a wide range of municipal capital infrastructure projects such as:

  • Road Reconstruction
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Sewers
  • Intersection Improvements
  • New Sidewalks
  • New Street Lighting
  • Traffic Management and Studies

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Engineering Services also oversees the implementation and construction of subdivision and condominium development projects, and provides technical review and support for the following land development processes

  • Reviewing Engineering submissions
  • Providing Engineering conditions for development agreements
  • Reviewing Legal agreements
  • Development Standards
  • Preparing financial security calculations
  • Providing Acceptance memos and Assumption By-laws
  • Overall Project review, including construction site inspection and monitoring
  • Lot grading inspections
  • Fill permitting   

Engineering Services works closely with the Planning Department to ensure that site-specific conditions are satisfied with respect to development submissions from Engineering consultants. It also coordinates with the other engineering branches to coordinate the progress of development projects. Reviews are completed to manage Official Plan and infrastructure requirements.

Any inquiries related to engineering services can be directed to:
Phone: 705-445-1292 ext. 4200
In person: 545 Tenth Line, Collingwood, ON