Winter Operations & Snow Removal

Snow removal and winter maintenance of Town roads and sidewalks is done by Public Works department, who is dedicated to providing the best quality snow clearing service to residents, business owners and visitors alike. The Province of Ontario has put in place a set of maintenance standards that provide a baseline for our snow clearing and roads maintenance activities, and it's our mission to meet or exceed them. While we do our very best to provide the best possible level of customer service, it's important to remember that various weather conditions and other circumstances can affect our snow clearing activities.

The time it takes for a snow plow to clear your road and sidewalk depends on where you're located. All roads in Collingwood are prioritized into specific categories to make sure we tackle our most-traveled and busiest areas first. While it is our mission to clear all roads in the Town within 24 hours, our first priority is clearing the Main Arterial Roads so that emergency services like Police, Fire and Paramedics can do their job.