Backflow Prevention Program

Please submit documents by email to, documents can also be hand delivered to Town Hall located at 97 Hurontario Street. 

The Town of Collingwood’s premises isolation backflow prevention program is intended to protect the Town of Collingwood's potable water supply from contamination. The backflow prevention program will encompass all Town run facilities, industrial, commercial, institutional, irrigation, multi residential customers and Residential properties with auxiliary water on their premise.

Premises Owners will receive a notice by mail, of their requirements to comply with the Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control By-Law 2017-056. 


Qualified Contractor Registry

Qualified Contractor Registration Application

Cross Connection Survey Form

Cross Connection Test Report

Device Removal Form


Please note all forms must be submitted within 14 days of completion. Forms submitted after the date of completion will not be accepted. 

What is Backflow?

Backflow is defined as the reversal of flow, from the intended direction in a potable water system. Backflow hazards occur through temporary or permanent cross connections made between a potable drinking water system and any source containing non-potable water or other substances. There are two main means in which backflow occurs, backsiphonage and backpressure.

What is a Cross Connection?

A Cross Connection is defined as any actual or potential connection between any part of a potable water system and any source of pollution or contamination. Cross connections are present in every drinking water supply system. Cross connections that are not protected against backflow are potentially a dangerous source of contamination. When backflow occurs through an unprotected cross-connection, pollutants and contaminants can enter the municipal water distribution system through the internal plumbing system and be delivered to other customers and locations.

The Process:

  1. The Town of Collingwood will notify the premise owner by mail, requesting that a site survey is performed by a qualified contractor. Encompassing the entire premise, the site survey will identify cross connections as well as backflow prevention devices currently installed. The site survey is then to be returned to the Backflow Prevention Officer
  2. The Town will then notify the premise owner, of the required premise protection backflow prevention device(s) to be installed, or confirm the installed backflow prevention device meets the requirements. The type of backflow prevention device is determined by the results of the site survey and the Standard CSA B64-10.11.
  3. The premise owner will be required to have the necessary premise protection backflow prevention device installed by a qualified contractor, and submit to the Town the Cross connection control testing and inspection report for the device. 
  4. Thereafter, annually premise owners will receive a notice from the Town, to have their premise protection device tested by a qualified contractor, and to submit to the Town the Cross connection control testing and inspection report for the device.

Administration fees

Administration fees are set annually through the Town’s Fees and service charges By-law. The current fees are summarized below. In the case of discrepancies, the fees and services By-law will take precedence.

Type of FeeResponsibilityAmount of Fee

Qualified Contractor One-time Registration Fee


$100.00+ HST

Qualified Contractor Annual Fee


$75.00+ HST

Premise Survey - Administration fee for each site survey submitted, survey to be completed as per requirements of the Bylaw.


$100.00+ HST per survey

Premise Device - Administration fee for each testing and inspection report submitted.


$50.00+ HST per device

Test Tag – New tag required annually for each device, available from Collingwood Town Hall during normal business hours.

Owner or Contractor

$5.00+ HST per test tag

All fees will be invoiced directly to the owner. Test tags are available for purchase at Town Hall, located at 97 Hurontario Street. Contractors interested in joining the qualified contractor registry must contact the backflow prevention officer at (705) 445-1581 ext. 3321 to receive payment information.

For more information please contact the Backflow Prevention Officer at 705-445-1581 ext. 3321