Social Media

The Town of Collingwood is committed to using current social media for the purposes of sharing information resources with our community and visitors, and for providing a venue for meaningful two-way communication between the community, municipal staff and the Town's Committees and Boards.

Join us on the following social media accounts:


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Town of Collingwood Social Media


·         Comments, posts, and messages are welcome on municipal social media sites provided they do not contain:

o   Obscene, racist, or otherwise discriminatory content;

o   Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language;

o   Plagiarized material or copyrighted material;

o   Confidential information published without prior consent.

o   Promotion of political candidates or other political material.

·         All municipal social media sites or pages within existing social media services will be required to link to the Town’s Social Media page which will contain the following terms and conditions:


o   All posts are monitored by municipal staff who may delete any message. If a submission violates guidelines, or is in any other way inappropriate, the submission will be removed in its entirety from the site. If a user continues to post messages that violate the guidelines, the user may be blocked from using the site. If you believe a submission to any municipal social media site violates the guidelines, please report it immediately to the municipality.

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