Boulevard Encroachment Applications

Patio with unbrellaPilot: Expansion of patios onto on-street parking

The Town of Collingwood has made some changes to how it will be approving patios and merchandise displays wishing to be located on the municipal sidewalk or street. This new Pilot Project provides opportunity to extend a patio onto on-street parking areas adjacent to a restaurant, flexibility in the type of fencing required for licensed patios, and options for mechandise areas on the municipal sidewalk that were not permitted prior to June 15. It also allows merchandise to be displayed curbside all week long, and has removed the requirement of a tent for merchandise displays.

This new by-law, referred to as the Encroachment Permit By-law, provides much needed flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic and ability to accomodate the physical distancing requirements as set out by the Province. Should you wish to apply for an encroachment permit, please complete the application provided below. 

Business Owners that are issued an encroachment permit are required to comply with all regulations and guidelines issued by the Province, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and any other agency that issues guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Province continues to open, these guidelines may change. Make sure you are reviewing them regularly to ensure you are up-to-date.

Have a patio on private property you would like to expand?

For private property extensions, a team has been set up to review requests for extensions of patios on private property. This process involves the review of  public safety, access, location, and other site related matters. A municipal statement of no-objection, as required by the AGCO, will be provided on a temporary basis in response to requests that meet the related criteria. To learn more, contact Linsday Ayers, Planning Services at

What else are we up to?

PILOT: Temporary Road Closures - Simcoe St.

During the Council meeting of June 15, 2020 a pilot project was approved to close sections of Simcoe Street, pending consultation with all affected businesses, property owners and residents within the pilot project area.

The first pilot is to take palce on July 25, 2020 from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.

The proposal is to close Simcoe Street between Hurontario Street and St. Paul Street with Ste. Marie Street remaining open at all times. The idea of the closers is to provide a pedestrian walkway in the Downtown that is vehicle-free to allow the businesses along these sections of Simcoe Street to utilize the sidewalk and part of the road to expand a patio and provide merchandise for sale. An emergency access land of 20 feet will be delineated down the centre of the street that would turn into a pedestrian walkway and bike lane. The areas in blue provided on the below map illustrate the area that the businesses would be able to expand onto during the road closure.

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