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The purpose of the Boulevard Encroachment Permit By-law is to provide temporary relief from the Sidewalk Patio and Merchandise Display By-law, providing additional opportunities for physical distancing for the health, safety and well-being of persons, as a direct result of COVID-19. Anyone wishing to use the municipal sidewalk to expand a patio or display merchandise available in an adjacent retail store is required to obtain permission from the municipality prior to using the sidewalk for such purposes.

Permits are valid from the date of issue until March 31, 2022, or until such time as the COVID-19 orders that are currently in place that effect food establishments and retailers have been lifted by the Province and Simcoe Muskoka District Heath Unit, or the temporary Boulevard Encroachment By-law is repealed by Council, whichever is the earlier date.

** As we prepare for and review Boulevard Encroachment Permit Applications that have been submitted for the 2021 season, more specifically for patios wishing to use and expand onto on-street parking areas within the Downtown, the Town has been reviewing its requirements under the Town’s Winter Control Policy and Minimum Maintenance Standards. Under this policy and standards the Town is required to properly clear snow from the roadways (which includes the parking areas along the road) up to April 30 and is required to have the streets swept and flushed of any debris left from winter maintenance of the roadways. With these responsibilities, the Town requires the roads to be free and clear of any obstructions to allow for proper snow clearing should we receive snow up and undertake the required maintenance of the roads.  

In order for the Town to uphold its responsibilities for road maintenance, Public Works staff respectfully require that on-street patios not be installed prior to May 1. To assist restaurant owners in the Downtown that are wanting to set-up a sidewalk patio in front of their business, two separate permits will be issued for those wishing to utilize both the sidewalk and on-street parking areas: 

Permit 1: This will be for patios proposed on the sidewalk and will be in effective on the date your permit is issued and all required inspections have been completed to the satisfaction of the Town.

Permit 2: This will be for any requests to place a patio or expand a sidewalk patio onto the on-street parking area. These permits be effective May 1, with Public Works staff installing the required bollards and curb stops on April 30, after which time you can start to install your on-street patio, with staff available to complete the required inspections so you can be up and running for May 1 which is a Saturday. Should a snow event occur after this date, the permit holder would be responsible for clearing any snow from the area surrounding encroachment, such as any adjacent parking stalls that a snow plow is not able to access due to the location of the patio. 

Additional conditions will apply to Boulevard Encroachment Permit holders that extend operations into the winter months. Please note that on-street patios are not permitted between November 1 and March 31. Winter conditions are contained within the sample permit provided and include requirements for winter maintenance to a standard agreed upon by Public Work which is to include but not be limited to the removal of snow in and around the encroachment area, salting/sanding of the encroachment area, use of portable heaters. The Town will not be held responsible for any damages that may result from conducting winter maintenance.

The use of portable heaters must meet the TSSA guidelines, and an inspection is required by Fire Services prior to their use. For more information on the use of portable heaters, contact .

Business Owners that are issued an encroachment permit are required to comply with all regulations and guidelines issued by the Province, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and any other agency that issues guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Province continues to open, these guidelines may change. Make sure you are reviewing them regularly to ensure you are up-to-date.

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Have a patio on private property you would like to expand?
For private property extensions, a team has been set up to review requests for extensions of patios on private property. This process involves the review of public safety, access, location, and other site related matters. A municipal statement of no-objection, as required by the AGCO, will be provided on a temporary basis in response to requests that meet the related criteria. To learn more, contact Lindsay Ayers, Planning Services at

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