RFP Issued for Water Treatment Plant Expansion - Engineering Services

May 14, 2021
Rendering of Water Treatment Plant Expansion

The Town of Collingwood has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Engineering Services for design and contract administration of the expansion and upgrades to the Raymond A Barker Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Expansion.  
At the Council meeting held Monday, April 26, Collingwood Town Council approved a pause in development to address drinking water capacity for future development, using an Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL). The water supply is safe andavailable for current residents, industry, commercial uses, and temporary visitors. There is enough water for several years of growth, but not enough to continue at the same pace until the drinking water treatment plant is expanded in 2025. Construction thatdoes not use more water such as most residential renovations can continue. 

Staff have worked diligently putting together the RFP document in an expeditious manner, to ensure no delay in progressing with the expansion, per Council’s direction to proceed as quickly as possible to both expand the availablecapacity of the current plant, and ultimately increase the volume of available water produced by the plant. 

“Addressing the water treatment plant expansion and the water capacity issue is one of the Town’s highest priorities. Council directed staff to move forward with the plant expansion as quickly as practicable and issuing the RFPis an important step. The Town is aggressively pursuing remedies to address the water capacity issue and will pursue the quickest route to a new water treatment facility that will service our needs well into the future,” says Mayor Brian Saunderson. 

For more information, and to track the progress on increasing water capacity and planning activity associated with removing the need for the pause in development, please visit: engage.collingwood.ca.Questions and comments are also encouraged using the engage.collingwood page. 

Request for Proposal Details/Timeline 

A Mandatory Site Meeting will occur May 27 and Final Submissions are due June 10, 2021, 3:30 p.m. ET. To view the full RFP document visit: biddingo.com/collingwood. Forthe purposes of this procurement process, all communications in relation to this RFP must be made to the RFP Contact through the Bidding system at Biddingo.com, unless specifically instructed with the RFP document. 

Progress – Drinking Water Treatment Plant Expansion​ 

Progress Timeline - Water Treatment Plant Expansion


For more information, contact:

Peggy Slama
Director, Public Works, Engineering, and Environmental Services
Town of Collingwood
705-445-1292 ext. 4201

Christa Carter
Manager, Public Relations & Communications
Town of Collingwood
705-445-1030 Ext. 3274