D084222 & D1201222 Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Draft Plan of Residential Subdivision, Sixth Street in Collingwood, ON

Owner: 2579283 Ontario Inc. & 2288035 Ontario Inc.

 Agent: Georgian Planning Solutions, Krystin Rennie

Civil Engineer: Husson Engineering & Management, Paul Husson

Architect: CS & P Architects, Sam Spagnuolo

These applications are proposed to allow for the development of a residential subdivision consisting of 75 townhouse dwelling units and 272 units as part of two apartment buildings. 

These planning applications include:

An official plan amendment to redesignate a portion of the subject lands from Medium-Density Residential to High-Density Residential to permit a higher-density apartment development.

A zoning by-law amendment would rezone a portion of the subject lands from a Deferred Residential (DR) zone to Holding Twelve - Residential Fourth Density (H12 – R4) zone, Holding Twelve - Residential Third Density (H12 – R3-XX) zone, Recreation (REC) zone and Public Roadway (PR). The R4 zone would permit the proposed apartment buildings. The R3 zone would permit townhouse dwellings, while the exception provisions for the proposed R3-XX zone include site-specific provisions for a lot frontage of 6.0 metres, a lot area of 180 metres square, and a 2.74 metre exterior side yard setback. The H12 zone requires confirmation of adequate and functional municipal services prior to the holding provision being lifted by Council. The REC zone would permit the development of a proposed park. The PR zone identifies public streets.

A draft plan of subdivision would propose subdividing the subject property into lots and blocks for residential purposes. The Plan of Subdivision is proposed to consist of nineteen (19) blocks comprised of 75 townhouse dwelling units and one (1) block comprised of 272 units as part of two apartment buildings. The proposal also includes one (1) park block and two public roads proposed to connect to existing roadways, including Sixth Street to the north and an extension of Holden Street to the south.

August 25, 2022 Submission Proposal

Documents for Application Form for DPSApplication Form for OPA and ZBASite PlanDraft Plan,  PJRShadow and Tree CommentsCapacity Allocation ChartAir Quality and NoiseArchitectural and Urban Design ReportSWM FSRDwg SW1 Grading PlanDwg 2W2 Servicing PlanGeotechnical Investigation Report 2022Geotechnical 2018,   Ministry Approval Archaeological 2018Ministry Approval Archaeological 2021Phase One ESAPh 1 ESA Update 2022Phase Two ESA 2022Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Assessment Area B 2021Stage 1 & 2 Archaeological Assessment Area A and C 2017,   TIS 2022Site Plan and Capacity Allocation Chart.

Municipal Information

Municipal Planner: Julie Nolan jnolan@collingwood.ca  

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Council meeting agendas  

(TOC File Number D084222,  Official Plan Amendment Zoning By-Law Amendment, and a Draft Plan of Subdivision for the Sixth Street. Posted October 18, 2022. Updated January 6, 2023).


SW1 - Grading Plan

SW2 - Servicing Plan

SW3 - Sections

Updated Draft Plan

Draft Plan


Architectural and Urban Design Report


Enviro Summary

Arbor Report

Arbor Package


Attainable Housing Proposal Cover Letter 07023

Attainable Housing Proposal 2107023

Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment(s) application to support a draft plan of a Draft Plan of Subdivision located on 560, 580, and 590 Sixth Street, Collingwood, ON - dated July 25, 2023.

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